Warning! If you've been linked to this page by someone claiming to be Koishi, make sure you double-check the profile's SteamREP profile and ensure the green middleman tag is visible!

Always use SteamREP's pre-trade checklist before engaging in any risky trades!

Koishi's Middleman Services

Middlemanning for the following games:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive*

*Please note, items must be TRADABLE. Pin codes are not accepted!

Team Fortress 2**

**Items must be TRADABLE without needing the use of Gift Wrap!

DOTA 2***

***Items must be TRADABLE. DOTA 2 Gifting is not accepted!

Rocket League****

****Cross-trading between CS:GO/TF2/DOTA 2 items and Rocket League items are available.

For Paypal cash or Bitcoin


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are whole backpack trades available?
A: It depends on what items are involved

Q: Do you accept product-key trades?
A: Currently, it is too risky to do any product key trades, including STEAM wallet codes as there is no way to verify whether a key is valid

Q: What about gifting?
A: Items must be readily tradable and in your inventory, so no.

Q: And cross-game trades?
A: Only Rocket League is available as a valid game to cross-trade STEAM items for

Q: I think i found a scammer
A: You can make a report here or here. Make sure you provide the necessary screenshot evidence including chat logs, inventory history, full profile info blocks from their steamrep profiles, etc.

Q: Are there any fees for using your services?
A: Services are FREE, but you can optionally leave a tip if you'd like via PayPal, Trade Offers, or via

Q: I want to +rep you. Where do I leave +rep?
A: Here is my +rep thread

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